Software for Cyber Cafes

Softvision Explorer can completely manage cybercafes software, Hotspot (Lan2, RADIUS) and Call Shop. the method consists of 5 modules: Explorer Server, Explorer Manager, Explorer Client, Explorer Printer Monitor and Explorer Coins.

The manager and therefore the server are installed on a server workstation (main) while Explorer Client (only for Cyber CafĂ© usage) must be installed on navigation workstations. The module Explorer Printer Monitor is employed to detect the print-outs made by the user and will be installed on computers connected to USB printers as long as they are doing not already execute Explorer Manager or Explorer Client. Lastly, module Explorer Coins allows you to make a recharge workstation using an electronic coin acceptor. Remember that if getting used as a Hotspot or Call Shop, the sole module to put in is Explorer Manager. confine mind that, to be used as a Hotspot or Call Shop it’s only necessary to put in the Server and Manager modules.

The VoIP functionalities of Softvision Explorer allow connection to the hardware and software type SIP telephones system. because of VoIP technology you’ll also make calls at considerably lower costs compared to those of normal telephone operators.

Softvision Explorer is in a position to rework your location into a Hotspot which conforms completely to the anti-terrorism laws. Your customers can connect on to the web using their laptops (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), PDA, mobile phones and any quite device which features a wireless network card and a browser.

Why Do You Need to Employ Vegas-X Gaming Cafe Software?
Bullet-proof Security

Security is the key for online internet cafes. Without providing customers with an environment where they feel safe, it is hard to attract users to your cyber cafe. To avoid negative instances regarding security, you need to find an internet cafe casino software provider that can offer you prime-time security tools.

Look no further because Vegas-X internet cafe online casino software has all the right tools to ensure bullet-proof security. Our systems are designed in a way that users will feel comfortable while enjoying a wide range of services that you provide in your cyber cafe. The search history, passwords, and any other sensitive data will be automatically deleted after the session ends. So, there will be nothing to worry about for clients.

While running an internet cafe online casino platform, you will encounter a number of customers who would like to print out documents, images, and so on. A printer tracker is a tool that will help you to simplify the process. You will be able to give access to certain printers on user terminals.

As soon as they send some files for printing, the system will detect the action and add the printer cost to that client’s overall bill. You will have a variety of pricing options while using the cyber cafe software of Vegas-X. You can set prices differently depending on the size of the document, size of the paper, the color of the printed image, etc. Through the dashboard of gaming cafe software, you can access these features and more in a few clicks.

Vegas-X casino cafe software allows you to have full control over user devices. Through the main device, which administrators control, you will see the left time for each active computer. As soon as the paid time finishes, the screen of the user computer will be locked as well as the keyboard and mouse. In that case, users will either buy additional time or leave the internet cafe casino platform.

Users can come to your internet cafe casino platform and order pre-paid codes, buy telephone time, etc. There is another option that Vegas-X cyber cafe casino software includes, and that is called the after payment module. When you activate this feature, you will give access to all the available services for users, and they will pay the bill accordingly after ending their session.

This feature of the cyber cafe software will help you to stabilize the connection in your internet cafe. This tool allows you to set limits on the used bandwidth for each client computer. You can limit their use or charge extra cash for those who exceed the limit. If users tend to download or upload large files, it can have a negative impact on the overall quality of the internet and slow down the speed, so by setting limits on the bandwidth use; you can prevent such instances. Without compelling casino cafe software, it is hard to manage all the cyber cafe business complications and run it smoothly. Cyber Cafe casino software of the Vegas-X is here to help you.

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